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As Agilium Worldwide approaches its 40th anniversary celebrations this October, we had the pleasure to talk to Bipaschit Bose from Prospect, India. Having joined in 1995 Bipaschit currently holds the longest membership of Agilium Worldwide.

Agilium Worldwide began as World Search Group, a kind of “supper club” consisting of international executive search consultants with a personal connection to one another.

  • Bipaschit: “If you had successfully collaborated with someone, you invited them to join the club. We weren’t organized officially in a geographical context, and didn’t have a specific growth strategy. We talked about life subjects, not only the executive search business. Friendship was the fundamental common factor.”

Around the turn of the millennium the group transformed into a more professional organization, setting up a board of regional and executive directors. It also began to achieve international recognition and a place in the rankings.

  • Bipaschit: Thankfully, and what makes Agilium Worldwide different to other such groups, is that the integral factor - friendships between members - has not changed since the days of the supper club. It is simply in the DNA! Nothing can replace the long-lasting conversations and memories created during regular get-togethers and shared activities. The Agilium Worldwide family is now a multi-generational club, combining the experience and expertise of the more mature members with the sharpness and empathy of the younger members. And what could be better than having friends in all corners of the world?

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