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emea 2017

Rome, Italy: Nineteen members of Agilium Worldwide EMEA met in Rome for their annual regional meeting from 23–25 March hosted by member Alberto Belloni of Agilium Worldwide Italy.

This well established internal event covered topics ranging from improving brand awareness and defining new bench marks through to intra member 121 exchanges to leverage local client information for regional marketing initiatives.

The meeting was both intense, informal and, as always friendly, and terminated with a reception to which some of Agilium Worldwide Italy’s clients had been invited.

Agilium Worldwide – Executive Search Group is a strategic alliance of 35 members in 35 countries and regions around the globe. Agilium’s commitment, agility, professionalism and timing have helped to make them part of the Top Twenty Global players to assist and advise their clients to find the right fit at the right time.

March 30, 2017